I hadda post something to push down the ‘Hello World” entry WP stuck there when I opened this thing up.

January 26, 2010

So, I also have a new Twitter account, and since I usually can´t think of anything important enough going on in my life to justify even 140 characters, I was just blipping (also a new account) a bunch of songs I like. A few happened to be by one of my favorite Jazz basists, Dave Holland, and, since I have Blip set to Tweet my blips (I´m hip like that), his name showed up there that same few times. Obviously he´s got some bot program to alert him to any nobody like me (6 followers total) mentioning him on Twitter, and was, consequently, alerted. And he followed me! Bot or no bot, that´s just cool. I mean, dude, he´s a serious rock star in the jazz world.

Anyway, he´s got a new site coming out and has a couple cool, free downloads on the site in the meantime, as well as this a little embedded player with 5 jams off the Dave Holland Big Band Live at Birdland album that I´ll include link to (cuz apparently I need some kind of WP plug-in to embed it in my post) here for the listening pleasure of future generations of the faithful who will search the archives for every entry I´ve ever posted never know I exist(ed).


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