Breakfast of the gods

July 28, 2010

Made by an 'Angel'.


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I figured since I´m trying to reduce my stress level and all, it would be better to not get so wound up about losing a little time. Especially when all I´m really doing here is wasting time anyway. So my previous post evaporated into the blogoshpere somewhere. Big deal. I´ll try it again.

It´s pertinent to the story and not just to be negative, so I still have to mention that we do have a terrible neighbor. Maybe not the worst ever, like I wrote before, but definitely the worst I´ve ever had. So, to get away from her and her equally obnoxious friends and their obnoxiously loud parties that begin at obnoxious times in the wee small hours of the morning, my wife and I have been spending our weekends at her parent’s house.

It was a little hard for me at first. I mean, it´s been a long time since I lived with any parent-type people, and I´m pretty particular about having my own space to do my own thing with my own stuff on my own time (apparently sharing isn´t that hard a habit to break). But, since my wife finally reached my level of insanity (fluctuating between going on a mad killing spree and banging my head against the toilet bowl until I just can´t hear the blaring music and random screaming anymore) I finally figured just getting away to her parent´s house outside the city wasn´t such a bad alternative. And it´s started to grow on me a little bit. I think they like the company too.

Like the post title says, it was a good weekend. Nice weather, some time at the beach, some walks in the fields, cold afternoons with hot food and relaxing with the family.

My sweet wife

Our girl




Bro&Sis-in-law (one of each of 2 sets)

Sis-in-law w/niece, snoozin'

The rest are either of us at the beach or in the fields near my in-laws’ place, or at my in-laws’ place.